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The fee for choosing your seat is easy to avoid if you're traveling alone, but if you're traveling with a child, you can't risk being separated by random seat assignment and disgruntled customers who won't want to move to accommodate your family.

Frontier should make an exemption for selection fees for families traveling with children under 12 so that families can sit together. Anything else is, frankly, grotesque chauvinism and the reason I will never fly Frontier again.

When I booked our tickets I didn't know about all the hidden fees. My family of three was going to say goodbye to dear friends and jumped at the low prices for tickets, but by the time we paid for one checked bag and selected three seats so we could be together, we had spent over $100 extra. I'm pretty sure that qualifies as false advertising.

Nice job, Frontier. I hope all your customers call your *** and boycott you.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of paying for carry on and paying to choose my seats. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of frontier airlines travel policies and associated monetary loss in the amount of $110. Frontier Airlines needs to "lead the way in doing family-friendly business and create exemptions to the seating and carryon fees for families traveling with 3 or more people, and children under 12. people should not be penalised for having children" according to poster's claims.

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You say people should not be penalized for having children, yet you want them subsidized. Why should every other person pay, except people who chose to have children.

How would you police these policies? Under your scheme, a single mother and her daughter would have to pay; only 3 people, presumably a complete family (Husband, wife, child), would receive this subsidy. Why would it be necessary for both parents to sit with the child?

Wouldn't the proper subsidize be 1 parent and 1 child get to select for free. If the other spouse wants to sit with them, he can pay.

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