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It is very disappointing about how your airline (Frontier) is treating their passengers even when they are on time and standing in the *** for baggage drop. I would like to bring to your notice that I am a visitor from India and don't have any kind of housing in United States of America. I had to travel to Detroit by the above mentioned flight. We had reached the airport at 7:34 am on jan 4th, I am attaching the Uber receipt for your reference. We stood in the *** for baggage drop for a significant amount of time.

There was lot of chaos at the baggage drop counter, one passenger wearing neon green color jacket had some issues thus he was arguing on top of his voice with the frontier attendant. That whole incident took a lot of time, the whole counter was very unorganised. Airport video can be viewed for the reference. Amidst all the chaos finally when our turn came, we were attended by a female staff named KAMILA. I think she is still at a learning period or she was purposely very slow with her work.

We as usual were waiting for her to finish our baggage drop procedure, she kept us waiting for a while and then finally claimed that she can't get our bags on the flight as less then 45 minutes are left. We requested her to adjust in someway such as :

Send our luggage in next possible flight

Rebook us on the next flight

Even if Detroit destination is not possible we gave her option to book us for Chicago

She very straightforwardly refused to co-operate in any way. The reason we cannot stay over night here is because we have further connecting flight internationally with final destination to UAE, we cannot afford to miss a day in orlando as this leads to cancellation of all the further bookings. This further leads to huge waste of time and money which I cannot afford. We requested and tried explaining to her our situation but it seemed like they were more happy to not put us on board.

Seeing the whole situation I asked them to give me in written about this and that they don't have any options what so ever, she refused completely to do the same. If the situation was justified and practical then why should she have problem to give it in writing? We also spoke to another staff member Juliette who says that she is the manager at this airport for frontier. There was no suggestion from her side too.

Finally feeling helpless we decided to leave the flight, while cancelling our baggage drop procedure the system printed our baggage tags. When I saw the tags I asked her to give me the tags which she again refused to even show. I have this question that if I was late and baggage drop wasn't allowed anymore how did the system print my baggage tags.

I did not expect such a rude behaviour from frontier airlines. This caused me lot of inconvenience, waste of money, waste of whole day leading to cancellation of the whole Detroit trip. This behaviour is not acceptable at all.

I would like to claim for full refund of my family and mine ticket. The extra check in baggage cost paid by us as I feel that the delay was intentional and I feel being at airport at 7:35am and still missing the flight due to chaos at the frontier counter, disorganisation, mismanagement of the situation is not justified at all. The system printing the baggage tag has confirmed me that if the staff was co-operative this situation would not have occurred. Hopefully you will understand, reply within a week and refund the money otherwise I will like to complain against the airlines for such a behaviour.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. vbothra stated that there is a room for improvement of disorganised and bad staff at baggage drop of counter. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of frontier airlines flight and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1200. Frontier Airlines needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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You were late. I live in Orlando, and you did not arrive in time.

Frontier flies on January 4, 2016 from Orlando to Detroit at 9:15 am, as flight 1210. Frontier requires you to check in 45 minutes in advance - 8:30 am.

This is the Monday after the New Years weekend and the end of holidays for many people, so the terminal is going to be busy.

The taxi dropped you off on level one at 7:34 am.

Getting your bags out of the cab, paying, etc, and then going up to the third level where the Frontier counters are located can easily take 20 minutes or more depending on where and which side of the airport you were dropped off. At this point you only have 30 minutes to get checked in on one of the busiest days. The lines are going to be long. That is why the airlines recommends you be there 2 hours ahead of your scheduled departure flight, which you were not.

Further, the Orlando International airport is set up so you get y our ticket at the check in counter, you then have to go through security 15 to 20 minutes, then ride a monorail out to the outlying gates - 5 + minutes, and then walk down to your actual gate - 5 minutes, which totals 20 to 30 minutes.

You have to be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure, i.e. 8:45 am. Even if your had gotten your ticket at 8:30 am, within 30 minutes of approximately when you arrived at the counter, it is doubtful you could have made it through security and to your gate in 15 minutes.

Your being late was the problem. You should have been "at the airport", i.e.

inside and near the check-in counter by 7:15 am. instead of only being picked up from your hotel at 7:08 am as your receipt shows.

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