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I am a frequent flyer so I register with TSA, as my time is valuable. Frontier Airlines has deemed that my time is not valuable nor is my business - I travel a lot for business and TSA pre check allows me to recoup some of the lost travel time.

I have always been a fan of Frontier Airlines, however, when I booked my flight this time, I was told "we no longer participate in that program" How the heck does an airline decide not to comply with the TSA? Hmmm seems like I won't be using Frontier any longer - and the majority of my business trips are to/from their hub.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1119025

I agree. I am / was a big fan of Frontier Airlines.

But my travel as a photographer has significantly increased and after a baggage mess in Canada last year, I decided to enroll in Global Entry which includes TSA Pre.

Then I discover Frontier, and their eventual mate Spirit, are the only two airlines not in TSA Pre. My time is valuable - so Frontier - throw all the $19 fares you want at me - you are no longer on my list.

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