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This is a complaint we submitted to Frontier Airlines. If we receive any resolution, I will update.

Flight 409 on 7/2/16. My boyfriend and I were flying to Denver on 7/1/16 for a wedding. Bags were packed, we were about to take the subway to the airport 3 hours early as instructed. I checked the airport website and it said the flight was delayed until approximately 2:30AM.

Prior to leaving for the airport for our delayed flight, we decided to check the website again. The website said our flight was cancelled. We received NO communication from Frontier about our flight cancellation nor any information on how to proceed with rebooking. I called customer service, spoke with 4 different representatives and was told the soonest we could get flown out of NYC was July 3rd, 2 days after our initial flight.

I told each rep it was bad enough we were already missing the rehearsal dinner, but absolutely needed to be there the following day because we were both in the wedding party. I was transferred from supervisor to supervisor, spanning a 3 hours, asking each rep to speak to the person who they directly reported to. Each time, they stated their manager was busy and I would have to hold. Realizing we clearly weren't going anywhere that evening, I had no problem holding, despite having to explain our situation OVER AND OVER AND OVER to each new "supervisor." After about 2.5 hours in, I reached a supervisor that said we could fly out of PHL the following evening, getting us into Denver in the early evening.

We would still be missing the wedding ceremony, but could at least still attend the reception. We reluctantly agreed, were promised a $100 voucher per person, booked the flight from PHL, but I clearly stated that the $100 voucher wouldn't begin to cover the costs and inconvenience of traveling to NYC to PHL to Denver, missing the rehearsal dinner, the wedding reception, and possibly the entire wedding. EVERY single rep told me they could cancel our flight from PHL after I CLEARLY stated MULTIPLE times that we needed to be in Denver that weekend and DO NOT CANCEL OUR NEW FLIGHT out of PHL. Why would we fly out, miss the entire wedding, and fly back in 3 days?

Although I was furious, I was respectful to the reps/supervisors, but got nothing back in terms of compassion, understanding, or empathy. They would repeatedly tell me they could cancel our flight completely (Again, I told them at least 20 times DO NOT CANCEL OUR FLIGHT FROM PHL) and provide us with a voucher. After being on hold for about 45 minutes, a rep said, "Our manager is on a very long call. Can we call you back tomorrow?" I stated I would have no problem waiting for 3 more hours as I had nothing better to do and, again, the $100 vouchers would not cover fraction of our costs getting to PHL, let alone the HUGE inconvenience of missing a rehearsal dinner and wedding.

He said to hold and after about 10 minutes and then we got "disconnected." The next day, we did not receive any sort of communication from a supervisor. I called again, had to explain the same story to another 3 people, and got the same response: "we can cancel your flight, you can fly out of NYC on the 3rd, and give you a voucher." At this point it was clear I wasn't making any progress and we had to leave NYC to catching our flight in PHL. To do so we had to take a $30.08 cab ride to the train station (would have just taken the subway to the airport), a 120 min train ride to Trenton ($33.50), a 35 minute train ride to Center City PHL ($16) and then a 25 minute train ride to the airport ($18). To reiterate, one cab and 3 trains to get got an airport 100 miles away, luggage in hand.

When we arrived at the airport, the check in staff ignored us as the woman at the kiosk was more concerned about talking on her cell phone than assisting customers. When we were finally assisted by another rep and checked our bags, we were charged $40 per bag. When we inquired why it was $40 instead of $30, he informed us that the $30 fee is only if you checked bags in online. We asked where on the website it said that, and he informed us that it wasn't.

WHY WOULD THEY NOT INCLUDE A BAGGAGE SURCHARGE CLEARLY MARKED ON YOUR WEBSITE WHEN BOOKING A FLIGHT?!?!? We had a reasonably priced meal (receipt included for $62.09) because instead of eating for free at the rehearsal dinner, we were stuck at an airport. Upon boarding the plane, we went our seats and they were clearly not cleaned from the previous flight. Crumbs and used tissues were everywhere, hidden in the front seat pockets and on the ridiculously small tray after folding it down after taking off.

A flight attendant apologized, cleaned things up and we finally took off. Upon arrival, we arrived in time and sat on the tarmac for approx 45 minutes.

It became clear we were going to miss the entire wedding after 13 hours of travel to get from NYC to Denver. I can't begin to express our disappointment with this airline and their customer service.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $700. This person is overall dissatisfied with Frontier Airlines and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about frontier airlines flight 409 at Frontier Airlines was customer service, uncomfortable seats that do not recline and filthy airplanes , but reviewer liked getting off the plane. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #1272549

no airline will compensate for meals or ground transportation.they are not required to.If your flight is delayed or cancelled you can get on the next available frontier flight or get a refund.If you choose to fly to a different airport they may waive the change fee and difference but once you accept a flight to a different airport they arent liable for ground transportaion to get you to your original destination.It says all this in the terms and conditions contract of carriage.And i dont think frontier like other low cost airlines partner with other airlines so if your flight is cancelled you may just have to wait days until the next flight has an open seat.or make alternate plans with another airline on your own.This is common with low cost airlines.spirit is worse some people have had to wait 5 days for the next flight with seats.Thats another thing with the cheaper flights there usually fully booked thats why it can take days.My advice is go a couple days early have a plan b and buy travel insurance.Especially if your going for something inportant like a wedding

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1220652

Let's sue these bastards. I am forced to travel for business and through 75% late arrivals that exceeded 1 hour or more, or just cancelations and rebookings, they have cost me thousands of dollars.

It's time for the public to rise up against this kind of treatment. I have noted two major safety violations and filed FAA complaints but the airline just continues like Teflon, nothing sticks.

Time to get this into court people, nothing will change until they are successfully sued for millions.

Springfield, Missouri, United States #1187706

You should disputed the charge with your bank or credit card vendor. If they didn't provide the service you paid for you should be refunded in full. I have a similar story and I'm doing the same.

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