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Never Mention Frontier Airlines AGAIN!

I booked a trip to Cancun in September on Expedia. I merely booked this year’s trip for the cheapest price, not thinking about who had the flight for the trip. I guess it was my unlucky day. I found out I was flying with Frontier Airline. I had never flown with them. I tried calling 2 days before to book my seats & was told that it was a Charter flight & you could not book your seats. It was hard for me to underst& the Customer Service person, both times, because they barely spoke English. I didn’t realize that it was a Charter flight until I called. I found out it was a FunJet.

The night before our flight, I called Frontier’s Customer Service & told the girl that I needed to know if I was flying out of O’Hare, which terminal I go to Int’l or Domestic. She said she would check, again didn’t speak very good English. She came back on & said, yes it was Int’l. I don’t know why, but I doubted her & asked her to double check. She put me on hold for a minute & came back & said, “yes definitely Int’l.” I said ok & as I hung up she quickly said, “Be there an hour early”. I still questioned the terminal, but knew I wasn’t going to get anything else from her. I asked my son to call & he did. He spoke to a guy. He asked, “if I’m going out of O’Hare to Cancun on Frontier, what terminal do we fly out of. He told my son, Int’l.

The Limo picked us up & we headed to Terminal 5(Int’l Terminal). We got to the Int’l Terminal at 4:45 am. My son went inside & said it was like a ghost town. He looked around for someone to ask & couldn’t find anyone. He checked the boards & the only flights going out of there were overseas Int’l. He said there weren’t any flights showing going to Mexico. I asked the Limo driver if he could take us to Domestic. He did & I walked into the airport & was able to go right to the counter. I got up there at 5:04 am. I was told, “You are late”. I said, yes because Frontier’s Customer Service told us to go the Int’l terminal. They said it doesn’t matter. Funjet closed the flight at exactly 5am & they could not open it. I said “I’m only a couple of minutes late” They called the FunJet representative over & she told me the same thing. I again said, it’s because of the Frontier customer service rep. I explained the entire situation of our calls. They didn’t care. I asked to speak to a manager & a lady came down. About 5 minutes after another couple came in, the same situation & they were also told, there was nothing they could do. The manager came over & I explained it to her. She stated she looked in the notes & didn’t have a record of me calling the night before. I said, my phone record will definitely show that I did. I also told them, I would BET if they called their customer service rep & asked what terminal to go out of, they would more than likely tell them Int’l, as well.

They told me I could leave on Saturday. I said, no way. They told me the only way I could get to Cancun was to book with another airline. They also said Frontier couldn’t help me, I had to go through Expedia. They handed me the Frontier airline phone # & my son saw it. He took the slip with the 801 phone # on it; he held out his phone & said…do you mean this phone number on my phone from when I called last night to find out which terminal. Here is your proof.

I also stated that if it was a hard fast rule that you must be there an hour before or you don’t get on the plane, they should say that. They said it was in my paperwork. I stated it was not & offered for them to go through it to see where it stated that.

They didn’t care. I did call the Frontier number as I was standing at the desk & I asked to speak to a manager . When I started explaining & stating that I was told by their Customer Service rep the night before to go to Int’l Terminal, she hung up on me. I was almost in tears but also mad as ***. We called several places to get another flight & to get out the same day, with a non-stop flight, it cost me over $1600 for 2 round trips tickets. I don’t ever want to hear the word Frontier, again. Also, I called Expedia when I got to Mexico & I was told, this was not an Expedia problem, this was a Frontier problem. I tried several times to call Frontier from Cancun, but I could not get through to the 801 phone number from Mexico. When I got through the message was in Spanish & I could not understand & the phone hung up on me.

I sent a complaint email stated I want to get sp,e money back, but more importantly, I wanted to cancel my flight home since I did not want to fly Frontier EVER. . It was never cancelled! I got an email this morning : This is what it said “ they couldn’t help me with my flight from Denver (IT WAS CHICAGO) to Cancun, because it was an Apple Vacation (It was a FunJet) & I had to call Apple Vacations to discuss any problems.

This reviewer shared experience about "didn't get to fly out and nobody from customer service cared!" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $1600. scrapvixen is overall dissatisfied with Frontier Airlines. The most disappointing about frontier airlines flight booking at Frontier Airlines was charges, extreemly poor customer service at the departing gate and customer svc reps barely speak english Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Not a great way to advertise Frontier - making my decision easy on if I will ever try you guys out. Stein Nelson


Expecting to arrive an hour and 15 minutes before a flight to a foreign country is cutting it way too close. You admit that you arrived at the International Terminal at 4:45 a.m.

Even if that had been the correct terminal, you would have had only 15 minutes to get out of the car and to customer line, get up to the counter, check your bags and get your boarding pass before the 5:00 a.m. cut off time. If you had been there 2 hours before as recommended by the Frontier web site: "We recommend all travelers arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure time" you would have been at the correct counter timely.

The simple truth is that you cut it too close time wise. Everything had to go perfect for you to make that flight.

A long check-in line, misdirection, or any number of other things at the airport would have resulted in you missing the flight.

Next time, be there earlier, especially for an international flight.

to Anonymous #1060425

I was told to be there one hour early and it's Mexico. Last year I went to Cancun and there weren't any problems and the year before that I went to Rivera Maya and there weren't any problems.

The problems were with Frontier and the customer service people that barely speak English and don't have correct information.

I dare anyone to call their customer service and ask what terminal a person flies out of at O'Hare and I'm confident you have a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer. Those aren't good odds.


Did you pay with your credit card? I had a similar experience with another airline.

They stopped me right at the gate saying I need to pay $500 as their terms have changed. I was shocked and argued very hardly asking why they didn't mention it all the time after booking my ticket (which I booked one month prior). Initially I refused to pay, but I was helpless as it was international trip and I couldn't delay it. I paid with my credit card.

As soon as I returned from my trip I sent a mail to the airline asking my $500 back and saved all the mail conversations. As I expected they refused to pay.

I then disputed the transaction in my credit card account and shared all my experience and the saved conversations. The credit card representative was very helpful and in few days I got my refund back.


Thank you for the review. From my professional interactions with you I know you are a outstanding individual and you do your part to make things right when thing go wrong.

You should expect the same when dealing with what is supposed to be a professional airline. Apparently, there is no accountability amongst the employees of Frontier Airlines.

I assure you, I will relate your your experience to all of my friends, many of them retired and travelers themselves, and dissuade them from using Frontier. Walt J.

to Anonymous #1060418

Thank you! I have never had to resort to anything like this, because usually people are understanding and fair.

It was more the "attitude" I got, like when they told me it was in my paperwork and I asked them to show it to me and wanted to hand them my paperwork. So it doesn't matter what happens, I will never ever deal with Frontier.

I'd have been happy with the refund for the airfare part of the trip. But them suggesting giving me a $25 credit, is absolutely appalling.

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