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I took this flight back in 2005 but it literally traumatized me till this point I feel I can talk about it. this is the worst airline I have ever experienced. It could fill a book the lousy experiences I had in one 24 hour period with this airline. It started with my flight from Arizona to NY with a stop in Denver got there at 10 am. On the way to Denver there was so much flight problems we thought we would crash, the oxygen masks fell down and the snack cart went tumbling, I had to throw up! The entire flight was horrified..then , when i went to connect to my flight to NY< they sat us, and told us we would have to wait till the lightening storm stopped, after trapping us on board for 1.5 hours with no air conditioning or ventilation we mutinied till they let us off. we sat waiting for hours, was reseated, and the flight attendant demanded i sit in a seat not assigned to me next to a highly intoxicated man who tried to touch me. when i complained the flight attendant threatened to throw me off the plane. BTW the ear phones given were broken and so was my tv.

we taxied around for another half hour and was told the weather would not allow we would have to get off and take the next morning flight. everyone was drained.

eventually after night fell and declining to put anyone in a hotel, they decided to take us at midnight to NY.

while seated in the first row across the flight attendant's seat i could hear one of them talking about me, saying "if she doesn't apologize im going to throw her off" i thought i was losing my mind from all the stress. so i closed my eyes and opened them to find the flight attendant inches from my face yelling if i didn't apologize he would use his control to throw me off. for what I asked? and he claimed I had accidentally stepped on another passengers toes and didn't say sorry. i didn't realize what i had done and tried to explain this, he said no matter, if i didn't apologize he would expel me from the plane i burst into tears from this bullying and just thought to myself, i wanted to get home. everyone around me was exhausted and drained and angry.

If i could sue this airline I would. but the best thing to be done is to tell the world what disgusting people this airline employs and to understand that a cheap ticket is not worth the nightmare.

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