Flew from Alb. NM to Portland, OR with a layover in Denver.

Though our flight to Denver was delayed, we knew from the Alb. NM check in station that the flight out of Denver to Portland would also be delayed. The person at Frontier who checked in my bags, said we would be fine. Once arriving in Denver, my mom and I made it in time to board the next plane to Portland (no one was boarded at this time.) They had already given away our seats!!!!

We were "allowed" on the plane, with seats at the back and not together. This was terrible as mom is afraid of flying. To make matters worse, I arrived at Portland this last Sunday, and called Monday to complain. They made up a song and dance about how the plane from Denver was to leave at 12:35, and our plane didn't arrive until 12:55.

I explained that actually, the Denver plane to Portland wasn't to leave until 1:10, and the Frontier check in person had also told me that. They have not compensated me AT ALL for the hardship this has caused, and my mom's terrifying experience.

Do NOT fly Frontier....EVER!

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