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We arrived on time to Denver but there was another plane at our gate and we were delayed 30 minutes for off-boarding. I walked off my flight, walked 3 gates over, and boarded my next flight. I asked if my baggage would be loaded in time, and was assured it would be; but it was not loaded on the plane at all. Upon arrival in Washington DC, I was required to fill out a form for the delayed bag (after being forced to step out of the line I had... Read more

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I flew Frontier from St. Louis to Atlanta, and after returning from Atlanta to St. Louis I retrieved my luggage from baggage claim and notice that my bag looked torn. After a closer review it appeared that someone took a sharp knife like tool and cut the outer rim around the small zipper pouch. It was clearly cut because it's an almost perfect incision with no edges or taring, and there is no seam to rip. My diabetic medication was in the... Read more

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I just had the worst flight experience ever. First, my flight from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas was delayed 5 hours due to "poor visibility" yet there were other flights coming in and flying out. We weren't given an apology nothing. On our return flight, I checked my baggage 90 minutes prior to my flight. When I landed in Colorado Springs I was informed that my luggage didn't not make the flight AND I would have to wait for the next... Read more

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I took a trip to Houston TX and on the way back my flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. It was delayed until the next day. Frontier gave us vouchers to fly with them again on July 11. I tried to book a flight on Oct 10 and was unable to use it because the customer service representative said it was only good for 90 days. She said it expired October 9th and she could not help me. Needless to say that I was furious with all of the... Read more

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I tried to book a cheaper flight on Frontier 3 different days, each day they said it was available, until I got to the middle of the booking then it told me it was no longer available, but they kept advertising that it was. I finally just went to the next priced flight from Indy to Denver. I then received an email about baggage fees, and ignored it because I had a carry on, it didn't really pertain to me, until something made me look at it... Read more

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took this picture from our seat on airplane and it is impossible to get hold of someone to repair/replace stroller. No one at either IND or ORD or any of the frontier staff at either airport cares at all that they broke our $700 stroller by throwing it off the platform. Frontier is only a good airline if you do not need to make changes to your flight and you do not bring luggage and you're a single person traveling by yourself. Very unhappy... Read more

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I will never, ever fly Frontier again. In the past four months I have flown from Denver to Las Vegas and to Salt Lake City, both with Frontier. Almost all of my flights have been delayed by more than an hour. My flight to Salt Lake City was supposed to arrive at 11:00 pm and did not arrive until 1:15 in the morning. No explanation. No reason given to frustrated customers. Two days later I flew back to Denver. Our flight was delayed by 2 hours... Read more

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I am extremely upset. My father checked in his bag and when he got home his diabetes medicine was missing !! Insulin, blood pressure pills and even the batteries out of the blood pressure machine were missing. He is extremely upset and does not have any medicine to get him through his visit with his family. He said they made him check it b/c they would not allow him to carry it on. Now it is missing. Out of all the items to steal out of a... Read more

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They had two flights one for 99.00 at 1 am the other 7 pm for 328.00 I bought the expensive one and they cancelled the early flight and their excuse was crew issues.This is straight robbery this airline is making money by lying offering an early flight charging more and at the end they don;t even have staff to take care of the flight. The denver airport full of kids and family is not even winter they just decided I emailed, called and all they... Read more

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Frontier is a TERRIBLE COMPANY to fly with. Party of four traveling from Vegas. One of us was In the restroom Still 12 mins to departure time and people are still in the jetway to board the plane and attendant closed the door and wouldn't let the fourth passenger in and asked the the rest of the party to deplane if they want but she won't open the gate to let the fourth person in. Captain even asked her to let the fourth passenger in who is... Read more

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